Tweaking My Webinar and Changing My Pricing Structure

I’ve decided to change the pricing structure of my product to make it a year-long program. I know that this is going to be a change for the best for my students because when they are more committed (currently there is a month-to-month option) they are going to get better results and it will be even easier to manage the program and help everyone get the best results possible.

I’m in the process of tweaking my webinar to not only reflect the new pricing structure – but the new program structure and tweaking the content a bit as well. I’m having a bit of mind drama over the price – since so many people already say that price is an issue for them. I know that this is just an easy objection and it’s not always about price.

I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to make this webinar AMAZING – because honestly, it feels like it has to be to encourage people to commit for a year.

Here are the models that I’m working with


C- I’m tweaking my webinar content and pricing structure.

T- I’m not sure that this will work.

F- Pressure

A – Procrastinate tweaking the webinar, ruminate about how this will or will not work and creating a lot of drama in my head, not having fun, getting lazy and just throwing something up, rushing to be finished.

R- A shitty webinar that doesn’t convert.


C – I’m tweaking my webinar content and pricing structure.


F- Inspired, excited

A – Content flows, trusting myself, comes together quickly and easily.

R- Amazing webinar that converts, helps, and inspires people and sets them up to be amazing students in my program!

I’m having trouble with a thought that will make me feel inspired and excited…I’m trying to generate the feeling in my body, but none of the thoughts that I come up with seem true to me.

Thanks for your help!