Two Businesses, One Decision

Hello Coaches,
Our main business is a seasonal wholesale product business, and the busy season is now starting to pick up for the spring. I was doing a side business cleaning houses for supplemental income over the winter because last year was our first year doing the wholesale business and we were just starting out with that one. Now that our busy season is starting up again for the wholesale business, I decided to quit the cleaning on the side because I felt it was distracting me from focusing 100% on our main business. However, I see that our wholesale business checking account is dwindling because of all the freight costs that we pay up front to get the season started, so now I’m wondering if I made the right decision quitting the side cleaning jobs for the supplemental income to cover our household expenses. I guess you could say my brain is freaking out about the money that’s going out initially haha.
I know you teach constraint, and that is what I want to do with our wholesale business and not be distracted by running the side cleaning business. My IG for this year is to make $1Million in gross sales in the wholesale business so that’s another reason I want to focus 100% on it and not the cleaning business, but my brain is worried about the money situation right now in this moment, even though I know we have receivables coming in 30 days or less. I’m also worried about making payroll when we get our seasonal help, which is another reason why I’m wondering if quitting the cleaning jobs was the right decision.
I want to make sure that I’m 100% focusing on my IG and our wholesale business because that is what will ultimately be our livelihood, and I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning houses even though I’m good at it and make good money from it. Is this a matter of trusting my decision to go all in on our wholesale business and my IG? I appreciate your insight on this, thank you!