Type of 6 week program?

I’m figuring this out and am not going to get stuck in indecision so wanted to get your opinion and then make a decision…

I’m a professional organizer and have been working with clients 1-1 for 9 years and speaking on the topic of organizing and productivity. Since I found you and the model I have been totally changed personally and am so excited to take this into my business. I have been wanting to transition to an online business so am creating a 6 week program.

My target market for this program will be Christian, stay-at-home moms, that have a part time job/side hustle, who are frustrated and disappointed in how they manage their home. Their home is disorganized. They’re embarrassed. It’s probably causing problems in their relationship with their husbands. They are impatient with their children. They feel like failures and can’t figure out how to “get their life together.” My solution will be to help them realize WHY, see how they can change it by changing their thoughts, and then teach them practical ways to run their homes like a CEO (employer/employee expectations, organizing, managing paper, productivity/time management, etc).

My question: Which option should I do?

1. Put the course on Teachable for $79. It would have 6 modules with videos and homework that unlock as they complete each one. FB ads to landing page that sells program.
2. Put it on Teachable for $79 and after the first module offer a mini-session that would sell my coaching as an add-on to go along with the program for $347.
3. Do the funnel like you recommend that starts with FB ads to landing page to opt in to mini session to sell the program for $399. Don’t put any of it on Teachable – send a pdf they would print or send them paper copy.

(I have a list of 2500 that has been asleep due to not working for a year being with my son who was in an accident. I’m finally ready to get this going again.)

Reasons to start with Teachable
– I do not have coach training and thought this would give me more time to learn and practice coaching myself. I’m in scholars.
– my target market might be comfortable starting with Teachable, on-your-own program.
– I sometimes have a doubt that my target market would spend that much. But am most passionate about this target market. I have been putting that doubt in the model and KNOW I can help.

Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks, Brooke.