Uncovered a limiting belief + help moving forward

Hi Coaches!

For a while now, I’ve noticed myself being held back in my business and I have uncovered many thoughts keeping me stuck, but I always felt there was something still there and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Today, I had a revelation of the pieces put together.

I have been ‘playing small’, ‘hiding’, ‘not going all in’ in my business because I am afraid of the responsibility.

My thought is this ‘I won’t be able to handle more.’

This shows up for me is often, but always, when I…

Do something that feels vulnerable like show up live, give a talk or put myself forward for something that scares me and it goes well, receive lots of praise or hear someone say how inspired they are by how I’m showing up…

I feel burdened, it feels like a weight on me… perhaps it’s the weight of my expectation. It’s crazy because being affirmed is one of my love languages.

But when I do these things that I chose to do and they go well and great things start to come my way, I am so convinced I can’t handle more.

Then I go silent, I shrink, I hide…

I rarely make direct offers to help people online. I don’t tell people I am open for coaching, I stop posting and only post when I feel inspired. I hoard sooooooooo many ideas for things I can share in my google drive. I don’t share what’s on my heart, I put off an opportunity to teach and speak so I can move through my fear of public speaking, I don’t allow myself to just coach on all the areas that interest me even if they don’t fall neatly into a niche.

I don’t like going too far out of the cave, I like to stay close by so if I need to quickly run back and hide I can do so without being noticed, I can feel more in control.

I don’t want this, I know there is so much I am meant to do outside the comfort zone of the cave. I can almost smell that the fun I want to have in my business is within reach.
I know in my heart that when I just show up as I am my people are drawn to me…

But I am so afraid it will all overwhelm me and I won’t be able to handle it.

I have lots of evidence in that I start and stop things, I gain momentum and lose momentum. I don’t sustain the things I start and care about. Even when I try to DO with good intention, I end up burned out and needing to hide to recover.

Now I can see clearly that I am holding myself back, but I would really love your wisdom to move through this, to change this pattern for good so I can serve the people I’m here to serve freely and have fun along the way.

Thank you so much for taking the time to coach me through this, It’s taken me a lot to get here, but here I am.