Uncovering limiting beliefs around my business discounting services and products

I own a custom t-shirt brick and mortar store that opened in Jan 2020. I am super proud of how we remained open and broke even at least 4 months during that time. I fully believe we/team will be able to sell $500,000 in a calendar year to really support all of the small businesses and our personal brand builder customers.

The limiting belief I would like to uncover comes around discounting, coupons, and full refunds. Around 80% of our customers request a discount on top of the volume discounts we give. I know I can say no, however, I often don’t as the people pleaser part of me just wants to close the deal. I find that I discount on top of an already volume discounted model, that if someone is unhappy, I offer a full refund and will still remake their product. I don’t want to race to the bottom with a commodity type product – I would like to fully demonstrate the full service value our customers receive when they shop with us. Our model is not to be the lowest cost provider, it is to be a place where fun is celebrated. I would really like to work on demonstrating/owning the value of what we offer at the price we have it at.
Thank you!