Undercharging for Value

I am working through the Entrepreneur course in the Vault and am loving it, but have come up against some conflicting thoughts around pricing. An expensive course I have taken suggested a very different approach to pricing by recommending a high-ticket offer whereby the value is solving a big problem and creating lasting transformation but the cost is high to ensure people are committed to doing the work. I have tried this and it doesn’t fit with me at the moment because I am a new coach and have no experience and feel uncomfortable charging a high-ticket price. Indeed this thinking has proved true as when I have made offers in the past I have not made the sale. I am very open to trying Brooke’s approach and it certainly resonates with me more than the high-ticket offer approach at the moment but is there not the issue that we are underselling our value? Will people not question the quality if the price is too low? I guess my question is what is the right price for a valuable 6-week online program? Also if people have not invested enough money do they have enough skin in the game to actually do the work and make the progress to solve their problem?