Underearning/setting money goal

HI, I’m listening to Brooke’s study vault on the topic of money. She had asked us to set an amount that we want to be making.
I set one million in 5 years. Meaning in 5 years, I want to be making a million a year. My question is this: do i set goals for making a certain amount, increasing it as the years go by so that I’ll get to a million in 5 years. Example, do I set 150K the first year, then 300K for the 2nd year, then 500K -3rd year, 750K-4th year, then eventually a million?
I made 87K last year. About 5 years ago, i made the most that i ever have 360K working for a big company but left the profession due to various reasons. Now I have my own business. And I know the people that I worked with who started the same time as me are now making 460K. I know I have the capability and the value to share with the world. However, just thinking about trying to make this amount of money by creating value is daunting. Wrecking my brain to be creative in sharing the value to the world so that I’ll earn the money is daunting. How do I change my thinking/thoughts?
Thank you