I finally got around to watching the underearning video. LOVED IT. I am completely an underearner. I have been at home with my kids, doing side jobs here and there but didn’t start my coaching business until recently. I loved the concept of deciding how much money I want to make and then creating that value, and believing that value will come back to me in the form of money. My question comes from the point where Brooke says the only thing that needs to change in order for you to make how much you want is you. No other external circumstances. My 1 year goal is 100k, and the math is possible for me to create it. But my reasons for not having it yet is because I only work part time and it’s not realistic to make 100k in my first year of business. Is this just me holding myself back? And my answer is yes it is. I have been self sabatoging because. Because it can’t be that easy. Help?