Underneath the Niche Drama

Hi! This is a super long one that ends in two unintentional models and two intentional models. I would love any feedback on the model work and over all. Thank you SO much!

So, I’ve been coaching about 2 years. But I’ve taken my time getting clients and getting the flow of clients and income through my business. I read Prosperous Coach and started by reaching out to people I knew and who inspired me. I actually looked at pictures on LinkedIn and chose people I’d always liked, who’d liked me, who had an uplifted look, and were doing something inspiring to me.

Direct chats or referrals that led to a longer session and then a proposal & agreement to coaching had led to 6 clients, one of whom (and the most fun & committed client) is still with me, signing on for a second year of coaching at the end of 2020.

So, here’s the thing. The awesome coaching client I mentioned is a female entrepreneur (I’d known her from highschool and reconnected by LI). And I am her general life coach. We coach on relationships (romantic, family, and leadership-related). We coach on meeting and releasing resistance of all sorts. We coach on her business goals and stepping into them more easily. And now, with The Model and LCS tools I’ve been learning, I’m feeling more confident & excited about really working on concrete goals, for instance with income (even though I am just now getting to this one myself – But NOW I see how it works!). It’s been an awesome time coaching with her – because I feel like she’s really at a place where she can show up fully and get powerful results.

So, there is a big part of me that felt like okay, my niche is Transformational Life Coach for Female Entrepreneurs (& Leaders). Or even Transformational Life Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs & Leaders (I do also like coaching guys).

But then, there’s the other side that’s thinking I should just go out and meet people and see who I jive with who wants to get results and coach them… AKA not really have a niche. Because I really am ready to be coaching more clients.

Is this a non-issue? Am I making this a problem when it doesn’t need to be?

I guess as I’m writing all this I realize – I could have the niche up on Linkedin, but if I meet someone networking and we feel like there’s a fit, take them on…

I think there’s a thought in my brain that I can’t get another client at the caliber of the client I have now. That it was a one off and only because I knew her from the past. And I’m out of these folks.

There’s also another thought coming up that maybe – even though I am charging what I feel would be way too much for many people ($800 /mo) – the rate might actually be too low for her and confuse her about the value. Because she’s an entrepreneur and knows about coaching and probably knows how much some coaches cost… I really don’t know if this is true. But what I do know is that she told me she’d said yes to free coaching with an “executive coach” (which funnily I would label myself as too) to “double down” on coaching. Then once she’d had a session with him, she told me how much she appreciated me as a coach. And since then it’s felt like she’s recommitted and has been doing her journal and meditating consistently. But there’s a thought that wonders why she hasn’t referred more people to me. She referred two people (not entrepreneurs) to me after our first 6 mo, but no one since then. And one of those she referred had said my client reported my coaching was “affordable”.

Ok so that’s a lot of stuff. I’ll aim at the model…

C – She hasn’t referred anyone since the first 6 mo and never any entrepreneurs of her caliber.
T – She lost some confidence or didn’t see enough results in the second 6 mo. She is confused about the value of my coaching. She doesn’t think of me as a coach she could refer her entrepreneur friends to… because my niche is unclear or because my price is confusingly low or because she wasn’t impressed enough with her results related to finances. Was the coaching good enough? Was the price too low? Was there something else she wanted?
F – sad, discouraged, small, embarrassed, unsure, out of my power, unworthy of working with financially successful people
A – don’t find places where awesome female entrepreneurs hang out, don’t feel confident in being their coach, end up feeling I need to change my niche or not have a niche
R – confusion, not meeting people who excite me and are positively oriented enough to be a match & get the most out of our work together

And maybe it could go…
T – While I was confused about what it really takes to hit goals for a while, now I am clear on them and know how to help her in all the ways. It has been a blast and the coaching so far has been amazingly helpful for her – that’s why she signed on for a second 6 mo and then for a full year. I can help her to some more amazing results and then let her know I have spots open would be glad to connect with any awesome female entrepreneurs in her circle whom she thinks would benefit.
F – Empowered, professional, confident, connected
A – Serve her and help her to keep rocking her goals. Get creative. Be all in. Be proud of myself and all about helping her see results. Make a clear ask when the time is right – letting her know I have doubled my prices since our agreement.
R – She gets lots of results! She is thrilled. She is grateful. She is delighted to recommend me. I get new awesome clients. Meanwhile, I get to be an even more kick ass coach and get more confident and know I can help creative / female / fun entrepreneurs – have great relationships, have more fun and peace AND create income and the tangibles.

Another model…
C – She is my main source of income and only client at the moment
T – Oh man, that’s lame! I’m running out!
F – lame, needy, worried, in a rush
A – feel less confident, don’t ask for referrals to fellow entrepreneurs, don’t feel confident I can get more great clients like this, confusion about niche or no niche
R – not getting new clients and feeling lame

And this could be….
T – She is committed to our relationship For The Year. How awesome! I have a client to work with – and become an even more rad coach with – for a year! I can give her amazing support and not hold back and give her all the tools and all that she needs to rock her whole life and biz. Meanwhile, I will be creating results in my life and feeling awesome about myself and that will attract more opportunities cuz that’s how it works. She is getting an awesome deal right now! And I get to learn and hone my skills! It’s a total win win, and the new clients and work will come naturally out of all that.
F – relaxed, excited, connected, generous, loving, enthused, authentic, at peace
A – Focus on Gratitude for all I’ve created, for the amazing work I get to do, for her!, for all the clients I’ve worked with – Design new processes, add sessions when I want to and it will help, get creative, OVERDELIVER by getting creative and not holding back and being results focused, STUDY result creation myself through thought work, come from this knowing!, Feel totally comfortable asking for referrals because of the awesomeness of the results (or not even need to ask!)
R – Proud of myself, Badass coach, Confidence to choose clients I am jazzed to coach, Confidence in my ability to help clients create all the things, Feel great and in service, Have that creativity lead to more creativity and focus on getting people what they want, More awesome, fun, creative clients!