Unhappy with jobs

A struggle I have had for a long time is being unhappy with my jobs. In fact, the past 5 years I have gone through 4 jobs and all have been administrative work. I did listen to one of your podcasts regarding to not relying on jobs for fulfillment which I definitely made sense. I do currently work in the C-suite at a non-profit Community Health Center as a personal assistant to the COO and overall administrative assistant to everyone else. I felt that same sinking feeling after only working here a few months in. I know I’m valued at these positions in terms of making other people’s jobs easier and I always excel at what I do but, I find it extremely unfulfilling. I even feel degraded at times due to some of the what I feel are menial tasks I am given. I’ve even started graduate school in Public Administration thinking if I was at a higher level, I would lose the feeling of being unfulfilled and obtain more pride in what I do. However, I’m starting to really think I just don’t enjoy office environments or the politics of them. I’ve always been interested in helping others, intrigued in how others think, and feeling like I’m truly utilizing all of my skills. I’m even considering stepping outside of my comfort zone to do life coaching! My question is, should I try to take a different career direction to seek what I feel I’d be happier doing or should I really try to change the way I think about things and find a way to be happy where I’m at now. This is something I’ve struggling with a very long time. Thank you! Kim