Unsure about my irresistible offers


I am an artist. I paint and have work in a few galleries. I have sold some work from my website but want to create more income selling my work online directly to clients than I have in the past. My goal is to create work for 4 online launches a year.

I am going through the entrepreneurial course and am unsure of my irresistible offers. Here is what I have come up with so far, they don’t feel right though and I would appreciate the feedback.

1. Free Shipping
2. Client spotlight in my newsletter
3. Offer consult via zoom to see their space, discuss their needs (this would only pertain to commissions I think)
4. Create a behind the scenes series on IG stories
5. Contest to win a small painting for signing up for my newsletter
6. Email subscribers get early access to work and a % off

I appreciate any suggestions or guidance you may be able to provide.