Unwilling team

I just certified this week (yay!) and am finding my feet as a general life coach.

I sold my veterinary clinic to the young vet that worked for me and she has been running it for a year.
She has a vet and two techs working for her and is struggling to step into the leadership role. The whole team is arguing a lot. They are reacting negatively to any feedback she’s giving them.

She reached out to me to ask if I could teach them as a group and I offered a free session for her so we could discuss it.

After the session, I thought about it and decided it would actually be great to coach the whole team 1:1 so they all can get help finding out what they really want and how they are reacting to each other.

I did point out she could set up protocols and job descriptions which would probably help. I also pointed out that her thinking they react negatively is on her and so on. I offered to coach them all for the price of one, which the owner will pay.

Since they all seem to be in a place they don’t want to do anything their boss has to offer and she didn’t want them to know how difficult she is finding it all, we decided I would ask them if I can coach them for free to practice so they don’t feel they are being “forced’ to be coached. They all know me as I owned the clinic before.

The vet she has employed said “yes” and has booked her first session. The two techs said “yes” to being coached, but they haven’t booked a session yet.

My thought is “This is never going to happen.” There are many other thoughts about me and my managing the situation.
F: Hopeless
A: Not pushing them to get an appointment, worried may not coach so efficiently the two that have actually signed up, not believing in the two techs ability to be coached, judging them because they don’t want to change their lives, judging myself for not organizing this in a less roundabout way.
R: I’m not making it happen

I feel I’m missing something here. My brain thinks “it’s never going to happen” is a circumstance because if they don’t book, there’s nothing I can do about it.

What am I not seeing here?