Upping my price

Hi Coaches,
I started out my coaching business charging $350 per month. Halfway through I upped it to $400 ( I know this seems small, but wow did I have to work through mind drama about it).

I told myself that I would sell 10 clients at this price ( to build confidence, get testimonials and get used to hopping on discovery calls), and then I would have to increase it as I know that my coaching price is not where I want it to be. I’m currently looking at charging around $600 per month and am having SUCH mind drama about it.

Here are my thoughts that pop up.

” It took you SO long to even get 10 clients at $400, this will be impossible”
“People thought $400 was expensive, now $600 will be unaffordable and you’ll miss out on signing clients.”
“No one will pay that”
“they can get it cheaper elsewhere”
“no one takes you seriously enough to pay that”
“People can’t afford that for coaching”
“I attract a clientele that doesn’t seem to have money”
“You’re going to miss out on clients”

For this reason, every time I hop on a discovery call and I get asked how much my coaching is. I panic and just revert to my old “$400” price!! I’m finding it SO hard to believe that people will pay $600!