Upsetting group call

I have just finished a group call with members of a course I run and its been an upsetting experiencing for me. A new member joined and she kept intrepruting me and other members. I have never needed to mute people before because usually members mute and unmute themsevles when they want to talk and are respectful of other members when they are talking. But even though I did mute this member she would unmute herself and start talking over other people. Since finishing the call I have found out how as the host I can mute members so they can’t unmute themselves. So that will be good in the future.
However I need to figure out how not to be so triggered by what just happened.

People talking over each other like this makes me think of conflict which I don’t like. Usually I love these calls and feel energized afterwards. This time I just felt annoyed and fatigued.

Also she said my content is very general..which I know isn’t true, its very specific to audience, but it really annoyed me that she said that. AND at the end of the call she was telling members about all the other coaches in my field that cover the same thing that I do but for free.

Even if my members went and checked out the other coaches, they will have a different style to me and they have been big fans of mine for years.

I am still getting the hang of model. However this is what I have come up with so far. Wasn’t sure what to put in the result line.

Also I am not sure how to create a new model. Any suggestions? thanks so much.

C. Member talking over me and other members
T. She is being disrespectful and rude to me and other members. Trying to spoil my business that I have worked hard building
F. Annoyed, criticized,