Use Certification program to help Mentoring program

I currently work full-time in a marketing role but I also lead a mentoring program in the company that I work for. I think the certification program can help me personally but also to take the mentoring program to the next level. I watched all the certification videos and looked at the sales brochure but I still have Qs on how I can use the certification program to help improve the company mentoring program.

I have a vision that could help people at the company who offer to be coaches to help them be better coaches. I can potentially do some events to teach stuff to the mentoring team but I am not sure if this has anything to do with the certification program and if it will help me in any way. Any advice on what is part of the curriculum that I can leverage? I would like to help the mentoring team with career, self development, confidence, leadership but that is not part of the certification so how can I use the skills/tools to make that happen?