Using Brooke’s material

I started a blog to follow my journey thru COVID19 and hope to inspire others to join me in managing stress at this time. I have referred to The podcast (with attach link button option) and refer a lot to the model which I only credited Brooke the first time I did it. Is that all legal to do?

Also, I am summerizing her homework assignments I do and writing about my reflections on these homework entries. Do I need to always say I am getting these Ideas from SCS? For example if I say “you need to reduce clutter in your house in order reduce clutter in your brain”. Direct quote out of homework. Would that be illegal? I feel like all my blog posts are inspired by SCS teachings. I don’t want to mislead a reader that these are my ideas. However I have heard Brooke say she is happy to share content… maybe that is only if you are a certified coach? Most of what I write is also inspired by her public podcast. I just don’t know how specific I have to be in linking Brooke to all that I am writing about my journey as I grow as a SCS during this pandemic. Thx