Using pt’s religious belief as part of the coaching

I completed a consult today and the client reviewed that her faith was very important to her. When we explored different areas of her life, her faith trickled into each of them. I am of the same broader faith and relayed that to her. I reviewed how coaching and her faith are compatible, that in life she is already using her God-given gifts/tools (brain, thoughts, emotions) to generate results and achieve goals, and that coaching allows her to most effectively foster those gifts.

It resonated with her, and I felt comfortable sharing that with her.

So, the only “problem” is: I got in the pool with her about beliefs because they are my beliefs, too. And I think I may have breached a fine line between coach/client, in/out of pool. At the same time, I want to be the coach who can both share similar experiences/beliefs but also remain objective as a coach.