Using the model for coaching a team

Hi Brooke,
I am a coach and work with individuals and teams. I love teams! I am putting on a two day workshop in May for a leadership team to focus on self-awareness, strengths, and basically leadership development and team cohesion. I want to use the model as a way to look at self-awareness and present it as a tool for the team of leaders to use among themselves (they are a leadership team), for themselves individually and with their own teams. I haven’t coached a team using the model. My idea is to have the leader come up with some circumstances that is relatable to their team and step through the model with the whole group and then break the group up to have smaller groups work on other models to get the feel and practice for using the model. Since I haven’t done this before I am looking for any suggestion/help or experiences that I could use to learn from for my preparation. I’d love to have a conversation with someone if that also makes sense. Thank you!