Using the model with your team

I have a team of 4 young women in my product-based business. They are often wanting to chat with me when they feel like some mental/emotional things are affecting their performance (and I too can often see when they aren’t focused). None of them have ever heard of the model, and it’s frustrating to me when they say things like ‘Oh when circumstance x changes, then I’ll get on top of my personal life and things will get better’ etc. I feel like they could all really benefit from using the model to perhaps stop feeling helpless or like victims in their life (which eventually affects their work performance and my business).

Is it appropriate to introduce my team to the model as it’s helped me tremendously during stressful periods of my life, reducing the impacts these stressful moments have on my work? I would almost like to make it a team rule/mandatory that everyone in the team has to use the model at work.. but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate as I don’t want to tell people how to think especially if they haven’t asked. Do many workplaces encourage staff to use the model?