Using your thinking to create financial results

Hi all, I have been thinking about the concept of using your thinking to create financial results and I am a bit confused. I know that my results are created by my actions. When I look at the actions I take, I see aligned actions – or actions that are consistent with my higher-self/goals, and then I see unaligned actions – actions that are inconsistent with my goals. What I am confused about is the feelings that drive aligned vs. unaligned actions.

Is it true that only neutral or positive feelings drive aligned action? What happens when negative emotions rise? I know that it doesn’t automatically result in unaligned action because there have been plenty of times that I have taken aligned action when I feel like shit. But I don’t really understand how. I am getting confused about WHAT drives aligned vs. unaligned actions. Since any feeling can drive these actions, it’s hard for me to believe that FEELINGS drive ACTIONS. Please help me understand.