Valuable resources

I want to create a space where new people who add me on LinkedIn can go and find valuable resources.
I want to create a space where they can find all the resources at once.

For example: Brooke posts podcasts on her website.
Some people have their own Facebook group where they have many resources.

But I am hesitant to do both. I don’t know where I want to post. For example, I don’t want to create a Facebook group because that’s gonna take a lot of effort and I better use it in something more useful that would help me sign clients.

I think I have my Facebook business page but I feel like how am I going to make people to like my page.

When I think about website, I imagine that people might not get personal connection or sense of community that they could have in other platforms.

I already have a website and a Facebook page but my brain is like Idk where do I want to put all the valuable resources to add value.