Value Creation

Hi there –

I’m watching the videos on value creation and can see where I’m stuck. I can get pretty clear on who I want to help – basically, mini-versions of me.

Successful, Type A overachievers who are also highly sensitive, empathic, and have anxious brains and unfulfilled dreams. People who have “followed the rules” and are unhappy with their results and want to create the life of their dreams.

I’m pretty clear on this.

So, Brooke says that I have to find these people and figure out what their dreams actually are. I guess I don’t know what their dreams are! How am I supposed to find out!? Is there a worksheet or something for this? I feel like I’ve been skipping over this part and just making assumptions around what their dreams are based on what my dreams are, but I truly haven’t talked to these people.

What if their dreams are something intangible, like to be happy?