Value Creation -presenting to potential clients

I am working through the Entrepreneurship Study Vault material. I am planning my ‘new offer’ which I will be incorporating into my health clinic once we reopen after the COVID-19 lockdown.
I have my target market
I have the problem they will be willing and able to pay me to solve
I have thought of the benefits of my solution
I have written a draft of the 6 steps and intro and conclusion.
Now, where to go from here?
Brooke mentions creating value ahead of time; so I can use these 6 points to present to the world individually? Maybe one per week for example on a Facebook video? So would I pay for this as an advert??
Then once I have presented all 6, I then present the amazing offer?
Obviously I can use other media too, but just trying to sort out in my brain the process of presenting all 6. And would I present the intro and the conclusion as separate videos?