Value & Money

I agree that value is what creates money. The more value I give the more impact have in people’s lives and the more money I make.

Another piece is there are so many talented people who are great at their craft and they offer so much value but still they don’t get paid or make the money they want.

For example, I had a photographer friend whose photography skills are really great but he doesn’t make much money because he doesn’t get clients or the opportunities to make income.

Same with so artists or other talented people who have so much to offer but still don’t get paid.

Or you could be the best life coach ever that can help people but there isn’t a guarantee that she will make money back even though she is providing a lot of value in the world.

I think there is something more than just giving value that you will have to master to make money.

Like maybe learning how to market or learning how to sell or learning how to make people to enroll in your program?

Or there could be certain opportunities that one person will have than the rest. For example, people living in major cities in US can easily get job opportunities and higher income than people living in small country with limited opportunities. So even if the person had the same skill, he wouldn’t get the same chance or opportunity.

So maybe Value + Marketing + Sales + other factors/opportunities = Money?