Value of experience/ Niche

How can I decide on a niche? I have been working on creating a business since 2012 and it hasn’t taken off. I feel like part of it is I never feel amazing about my niche. I have had a lot of experiences I’m sure I could help others on, but I don’t see my experiences as valuable to others. I have done a few models on these thoughts:
T- I can’t find a niche I feel super excited about IT- I can figure this out
F- Lost F- empowered
A-Un targeted action A- continue to take untargeted action
R- No defined niche R- ?

T- I don’t see my experiences as valuable enough to help others in a biz. IT- It’s possible my experiences have value
F- Confused/stuck F- Possibility
A-Avoid niche and just put stuff out there A- Continue to experiment with what interests people
R- No narrowed niche R- Eventual niche

I still don’t feel I’m getting closer. Thanks