Valuing What I Offer

I am an artist. I enjoy what I create and I can become passionate about what I believe I can offer people (My Why).

I had recently spent some time defining My Why a little more so that I can stay focused on it to help me deal with a lot of resistance. That has not been enough though because of the negative belief that is still running around in my brain. I was doing a model on the resistance today and have become aware that although I value what I have to offer through my art, I have a belief that others may not value what I have to offer.

What are some new thoughts I can practice to get beyond this and take the actions and get the results I want?

C- my art
T- People do not value it much.
F- Discouraged
A- I just dabble. I become distracted and busy with everything else in my life. I am not pursuing my goals.
R- I am not valuing my art.

C- my art
F- Productive
A- I am taking massive action. I am creating many art pieces. I am allowing myself to be creative. I am allowing my creative self to live and thrive. I am taking care of me. I am being true to myself. I am developing a good relationship with myself. I am expressing myself.
R- I am valuing my art and pursuing my dreams.

Here are some possible, believable, new thoughts for my IM:
-I am passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and loving others through my art.
-I enjoy creating my art.
-I am learning that others’ responses, lack thereof, or lack of sales do not define my reality. They really are neutral. I determine my reality with my thoughts toward my art. (But right here—it so seems like the number of sales is an indicator of reality! So, maybe it’s not too believable at this point after all.🤔 Will you please help me here… When is reality a matter of the quality of my thoughts vs. observations such as the number of sales that determine how well my business is doing?)

Also, what are some additional new thoughts I can practice in my IM, please?

Thank you in advance for your response.