Verbal/written no follow up #2

I would love to create 100 new “No’s” since so far I’ve only gotten 3 verbal or written ones. I had a consult booked yesterday but she was a no-show, and while I was preparing before the call I wrote down a list of intentional thoughts and my favorite was “This is my opportunity to get a NO and find out why.”

I want to say I’m not sure what’s stopping me from making more offers. If “making an offer” is asking someone to work with me and they say yes or no, then I think my “problem” is booking more consults since consults = offers.

I’m putting out “beacons” like Brooke said, by ending live videos with an invitation to book a consult, making sure my blog posts end with the same CTA, including a P.S. in my emails, inviting people to book consults at the end of my podcast episodes. I know because 3 people booked consults in the last month that something is working, but all three of them were no-shows/cancellations.

I have no idea where they are coming from so my brain wants to tell me I have no idea how to continue creating consults.