Vulnerability hangovers after posting on social media

Even though I’m quite good with managing my “time” on social media (only being online during specific time blocks), I would like to also get better at managing my “energy” around it. What I mean is that often after I post certain content I keep feeling vulnerable about it for hours afterwards. Even though I’m not logging back in, I still have constant thoughts looping around my head criticizing my own content.

I’m a musician and share my music as well as vlogs online, which feels quite personal. But even though ‘art’ is inherently personal, I also think I can learn to take all of it less personally if I manage my mind better.

Model example:

C: I post a vlog on social media
T: Why would anyone care about me blabbing about this topic
F: Embarrassment
A: Keep thinking about what I posted and if it was any good
R: Not enjoying my time off and not recharging because I’m always thinking about my business

My attempt for an Intentional Model:

C: I post on social media
T: It’s great that I showed up for my business again today
F: Proud
A: Turn on Netflix or something else I enjoy to wind down
R: Feeling well-rested so I can show up again tomorrow

Does that intentional model make sense? Any other advice?