Waffling Between Models

Hello, I am on track to get my certification from TLCS this year and have also begun to start my business. My focus will be to help clients get started on their big goals. I already have a workshop opportunity coming up where I’m presenting to a group of salespeople. I’m so excited about this because I really want to build my voice and share what I’ve learned. I believe in this work and believe it is worth sharing, however, there’s a voice in the back of my head that keeps saying, “How can you present to these people when you have yet to accomplish your big goals?” I imagine this happening during the presentation where someone will actually heckle me!
C – Upcoming presentation about setting goals
T – The audience will question my credibility because I have not reached my big goals
F – Unqualified
A – Slow to prepare, overthinking/worry, not doing more to make presentation better
R – Presentation will not seem credible
[In typing this out I just realized that the results of my current model scare me more than the thought that got me there, LOL.]

C – Upcoming presentation about setting goals
T – I am going to give this audience the best presentation I possibly can no matter what
F – Energized
A – Create better content, Prepare for anything
R – Presentation will feel credible
Sometimes I can be in my intentional model, but sometimes I go right back to my current model.
How can I stop waffling between models so I can just be in the intentional and prepare for this presentation?
Thanking you in advance! 🙂