Waiting to quit my day job…

I am finishing CCP and really thinking and planning how my coaching business will be. I am in the contemplation and planning stage currently but I am very sure I will have a lucrative coaching business in the near future. I know it will take time to build up the business and go from free practice clients to paying clients, and imagine it will take some time to become a lucrative practice.

I know this is all coming, I am in the process of making this thought actually my reality. I am also a fairly well-paid medical professional. I love both aspects of my life and for the time being I plan on having my coaching business as supplemental income but eventually would like for it to become my main source of income with the possibility of leaving my current position and leaving medicine perhaps permanently.

In order to accomplish that my coaching income would have to exceed my medical income. On the one hand I think these thoughts are reasonable and commonsensical. On the other hand I think it is not a thought that is conducive business building in a speedy manner. Iā€™m not sure if either of these thoughts really serve me. Could I get some guidance please?