Wanting to get unstuck from indecision

Hi, I’m a therapist, I’ve been doing one on one counseling for 14 years and am interested in being able to help more clients and make more money. I’d like to create a product to sell or possibly create a membership site and have been letting myself stay in indecision/confusion for the past 6 months over what to create. I’ve come up with a few ideas but have not followed through on them and judge myself thinking it’s probably not something anyone would pay for. Ultimately, I’m getting in my own way. I’ve tried creating a model for this issue (see below) and wondered if you have any other suggestions or thoughts that might help me move forward?

C: Not taking action with my business
T: I don’t know what to focus on
F: Depressed, frustrated with self
A: Avoiding, not taking action on anything
R: Nothing changes

C: Not taking action with business
T: I can start with one product clients will love
F: Empowered, excited
A: Taking massive action
R: Move forward

Thank you in advance!