Wasting Time in Indecision

Help! I have been stuck in indecision about which project to pursue in my business! Freelance illustration? Creating online classes for kids? Fine art shows? Etsy Shop? I plugged these sentiments into the model. Please give feedback and perspective.

C; I have ideas.
T: I can’t decide which idea to pursue!!!!
A: I start multiple ideas but don’t finish them or stick with them. I buffer with indecision. I avoid feeling overwhelmed by staying up late watching videos, daydreaming, hanging out with friends: not working on my business.
R: I don’t give any of my ideas a chance. My business doesn’t progress.

C: I have ideas
T: My power lies in making a decision more than stressing over which idea is best to pursue.
F: Resolve
A: I decide on a project. Everyday after my morning coffee I take action on that project. I finish no matter how much my brain second guesses it.
R: I build a consistent creation habit and make daily progress. Overtime my small actions build on each other. At the end of the year I have a significant portfolio of artworks.

Thank you!