We had a big goal. We hit 9% and I am happy with it– but of course want more.

We set an impossible goal for our first program launch of 100 enrolled students by the end of the launch. We currently have 9 students enrolled and one day remains until Early Bird closes. I was excited to see 9 sign ups and think that’s a good start and my brain is starting to say: “That’s good enough, no need to push it to 100 since it’s impossible anyway.”.

I am conflicted with this feeling since I want to enjoy and relish our progress but I want to also keep that drive and hunger around and go for MORE. Any thoughts on balancing these two would be great. Thank you!

Current model:
C – 9 people signed up
T – That’s pretty good so far.
F – Pleased
A – Continue to push on social media to enroll more students
R – No one new has joined since our launch after those 9