Webinar About Me – What To Say?

I really like the concept of a mini-training video as opposed to a live webinar, and I’m planning to launch and offer a mini-training in April.

In webinars – or in this case, my mini-training – there’s that place toward the beginning where the presenter gives some information about who they are, their specialty, what they do for their clients, etc. What do you suggest we say when we don’t yet have a lot of experience, evidence or results to share about why they should listen to us? What alternative information can we talk about at this point in the presentation?

One thing I’m planning to include is what makes me different from others who offer similar services in my business coaching niche. I’m also thinking that I can mention how the work I do with clients has always come naturally to me, and I’ve always applied these techniques to everything I do (with a fun/light example)… Anything else?

And, by the same token, I only have a handful of testimonials that I received while focusing on a different business coaching niche. A couple of them kind of transfer to my current niche – enough that I think I can weave them into the mini-training. What do you recommend we do in presentations like this, when we have few or no testimonials to share as social proof?

Thank you! And I really appreciate who you are, and all the amazing work you do.