Weight Loss Goal

I’ve got a Facebook group where I show my weight loss journey and the power of thought work. But every time I step on the scale I feel I am being inauthentic. I told everyone my goal is to 115 pounds in 6 months, but I cannot picture that. I want to instead say that I am going to stop overeating and over desiring food in 6 months. To me, it seems if there are actions that I can take that lead to a specific result I am more willing to market that. For instance, if I overeat at a meal, I can stop overeating. That is a tangible goal. But weight is so complex. I can’t pinpoint one act that will lead to that result. I want to change how I present this topic from making it about the number on the scale to about specific skills they can gain. I keep getting stuck on how to present this.

Could use some help in becoming clearer here. Thanks.