Well paid job

Hi, I’ve had a commission for a very well paid job (according to my older standards I guess). I’m very stressed out, because I think I have to work a lot and to give the best of myself to deserve all this money. But it seems there is not so much to do.

I have two other commissions coming and I wonder if I should take them or not. Part of me is afraid to take too much because of the well paid job (I think I should be fully available), another part of me is open to take all of this work and have even more money.

Another part thinks I should prioritize my serenity, not take too much jobs and have more free time. I have the idea that in the future I could hire an assistant to have more money, more jobs, and more free time. Nobody is doing that in my field but why not, it could be fun.

C I was hired to do the XWZ commission
T I have to work a lot to deserve all this money
F stressed out
A ruminate, don’t relax, don’t take free time, work a lot
R I loose a lot of mental energy because I make my brain work all the time

C I was hired to do the XWZ commission
T I have to give the best of myself
F pressure
A ruminate, imagine what people wait for me, don’t ask specific questions
R I don’t enjoy this commission

C I was hired to do the XWZ commission
T Now it’s easy to earn more money
F relieved
A estimate the time of each commission, choose what I want to take, don’t overthink my decision, imagine my ideal work life in the future, act from my future self
R I earn more money with ease

Thanks for your feedback!