What am I doing wrong?

I am missing something. I have been plugging away at my business for four years and since January have been taking massive action. But my result is no sales. I have done webinars, made offers, grown and nurtured my email list of 1660 people. I have a wellness workshop bundle on my website for $49.99. It’s three workshops in one and I really think it’s a tremendous value. I have had 224 people come to the sales page and 24 click through to the checkout page but the result is no sales. I’ve recently asked if the subscribers would be interested in a membership site where they have access to my online weight loss course and weekly coaching for $50/month, join anytime and cancel when they are done losing weight. But I haven’t heard anyone say that they would like that. I know what I know is valuable and can help people but no one is responding to me. What should I tweak and work on. I think I am tweaking and tweaking but the result is still no sales. I know it’s something I m doing wrong and missing the mark but I really don’t know what?