What approach to take while waiting for Certification to start next April?

I joined Scholars in November. I have attended every single calls! I am a fan of Brooke!

I am a Life-Coach, i specialize in relationships. I love the feeling of making a difference in someone’s life, and in my community. I was always the friend people came to for advice, even complete strangers felt drawn to me and felt comfortable speaking to me about their problems.

I was born and raised in Paris, France. I studied in the US. I have a business background. I worked in New York and London at a corporate level for The Estee Lauder Companies, until my husband and I moved to Dubai, where I studied Gemmology and developed my own jewelry business. We then relocated to Mumbai, India, where I still ran my jewellery biz but also worked as an Interior Designer.

Yet while running all these ‘careers’ and also becoming a mother and relocating back to the US, to Los Angeles, I have never let go of my passion: coaching!

Over a year ago, my best friend who’s an MFT, and who was going thru a hard time with her husband, told me after feeling the benefits of my coaching her, that I was a ‘natural’ and should just do this for work! I was recommended to study at CTI, the Coaching Training Institute. I enjoyed it but didn’t go all the way to Certification bc their ‘concept’ of holding the client accountable for their actions didn’t fully ring with me.

I thought it’d be easy to get clients, but to my naive self and surprise it wasn’t!!!

In the Summer of 2017, we moved home and a few things happened that affected me greatly, so for a while I couldn’t focus on growing my business anymore but rather on coaching myself and being there for my kids and my husband. Last September, i listened to Brooke’s podcast about Anxiety. I found it most interesting and that led me to listening to the one about The Model. At the end of October, I joined Scholars. November was my first month, I am loving it, I feel alive and energised again, I feel that The Model is logical and speaks to me. I want to sign up for Certification. I am now motivated to focus on my coaching business again and to do it right.

My pb/question is: I am not fully mastering The Model yet. Certification doesn’t start until April. I have one main client at the moment. I am working hard on finding other people to sign up with me for coaching. I m offering free 20 minutes mini-sessions. Do I sign ppl up knowing I don’t yet master the Model? April is a long way away. I have never done a podcast. I have my Facebook Page and a few followers. What should i do to grow in the direction of Certification and the Entrepreneur Path? Two women in my tennis group this morning asked if I would coach their husbands. I sold my free mini-sessions with confidence, but now of course I m nervous as I don’t feel i have a program as such and don’t yet master The Model. My website doesn’t reflect anything I’ve recently learned from SCS and Brooke. I’m confused about how much to charge? I was set on $100 per session as a start. How to go from one on one session to group sessions? How or what to coach on when the ppl in the group might not have the same issue? Do you chose a topic and then teach it as a class? I feel a bit lost as to what my priorities should be and the way i should run my sessions until i start Certification with The Life Coach School. Do you have a recommendation for me?

THANK YOU BROOKE! I look up to you, i feel proud to be a Life-Coach and to be learning working with The Model.

Please know I would love to be of service to The Life Coach School!

And….I am most excited about working on my Impossible Goal for 2019!!!

With warm regards,

Caro Szabo