What are the best fails for the 25 epic fails per quarter?

I want to do the 25 epic fails for this quarter. I want to decide what the fails will be and want to make them worthy. So for example if my goal is to get a client.
And I post 10 times on LinkedIn and I don’t get a client from those 10 posts? Does that count as 10 fails? I feel like no they don’t count? They didn’t stretch me enough out of my comfort zone? But technically those are 10 fails.

So my fails might be: Webinar, Podcast episode, but if that is the case I have hundreds of fails behind me (with some success, yes) Made 100k in 2020. My question is: How do I effectively choose fails that will push me? I feel like I am already doing them, but they don’t count. They are fails I’ve been doing for the last 2 years in business anyway. So do I need new fails? More sophisticated fails?

Thank you for your help.