what are you when you change your niche as often as you change your underwear?


That term perfectly describes me. I coached over 70 clients for free preparing for certification and several times throughout the process I thought “this is my ideal client, this is who I was born to serve!!” I’d get SO EXCITED. I’d write copy, tweak my website and think of a program to fit their needs.

Then maybe less than a week later, I’d coach someone else and get all fired up about coaching THAT type of person and go rewrite my ICA and try to figure out their pain points. I’ve done that several times and it’s run the gamut of niches. It’s getting ridiculous!

So I’m drawing the line in the sand TODAY and making a personal declaration that I hereby solemnly swear to not change my niche but just GET STARTED. I truly believe I can be successful in ANY niche, but I can’t be successful if I’m just sitting around getting excited at the next client that comes around. 🙂

So now that I’ve decided, please let me know if this dialed-in enough to proceed:
Mid-life women who are getting “soft” as their hormones are changing and want to loose that little extra pudge and feel confident again. It’s actually more about the mind shift than the weight-loss.

I know this woman well because she is me. It feels shameful to talk about weight or body-image with friends because they don’t consider me to be overweight–this is exactly why it’s a circumstance and the thoughts need to be addressed! I went through the stop overeating course six months ago with the thought “why not give this a shot” and lost 15 pounds easily. But from the beginning, I decided to stop all the negative self-talk FIRST and that has been the most positive result by far–the lost weight is just a nice by-product. 🙂

a no longer niche-washy coach, Sarah Foutz 😀

PS Now that I signed my full name, you know who I am and I can’t wiggle out of this one! haha