What does it look like to stop the "doing"

I think I am relying on relentless action to try to succeed in business. I don’t think I yet “get” that its my thoughts that create my results like money in my business (though I have seen this work in other parts of my life). My coach talks about momentum and I know that I need to take action to be able to see what is working and what isn’t, but I think I’m taking too much action in the wrong places that’s not fueled by helpful thoughts and feelings. So I continue to get the same results over and over. I think it’s also wrapped up in thoughts that I have such limited business because I work a job, and I’m a mum to young children, so I need to “make up for it” with action action action. I would like to focus in on what building a successful money making business with my thoughts looks like. I think my unintentional thoughts are something like “just get it done” and “making money is hard and requires more work.” Can I have some guidance and coaching around helpful intentional models and how to start practicing them? Many thanks