What exactly is an offer?

I am having a lot of drama around understanding what an offer is at this time. I am posting on Facebook and offering to help but I don’t think that is considered an offer. I am trying to attend networking groups, but there are very few where I am due to Covid, or they meet in the middle of the day and I work 8 to 5. I am reaching out to the few people I know here, just moved in June, to have lunch, etc. So how do you make offers when you are not able to go to networking events, get out and meet people, etc….. My brain wants a clear definition. LOL.

C: making offers
T: I don’t understand how to make offers though social media
F: frustration
A: I keep posting daily but my posts are all over the place. I am reaching out for lunch with friends. I try to attend networking events. I am considering volunteering to meet people but covid is rising, I ruminate, beat myself up, wish I had been better at keeping up with acquaintances
R: I am indulging in not knowing how. I am not showing up for myself or my business.