What If….

I am loving Brooke’s “Double Your Money…” course, but every time I watch her coach, I have the same questions, (totally terrified to be coached by Brooke! I hear her in my head already, lol).

As an artist, I have been thinking a LOT about my offer. I own my own company and LOVE what I do. I specialize in faux finishes (think Venetian Plaster, murals, etc) and am really comfortable with my niche. I’ve been doing it a long time.

But I have SO many questions about how to double my business.

1) My business encompasses a lot of services. Do I view my business as a whole? Or focus on expanding a particular PART of my business, for instance, painting murals, or touching-up furniture, or fauxing electrical outlets, all of which are things I specialize in and fall under my “faux” work?

2) I don’t have a specific item to sell–I am basically selling a future interior space–an utter luxury for most. It is not a concrete thing, its an idea, a dream. How can I sweeten my deal, when it seems so straight forward to me… I will give you your dream interior finish, I will I help you realize your creative, unique interior space,  and I will do it quickly and efficiently. Beyond that, I don’t know how to sweeten my deal!! Am I not thinking creatively enough??

3) If I choose a specific part of my business, lets say, the fauxing of electrical outlets (I paint them to completely disappear, sort of like camouflage for your kitchen so your countertops don’t have any visual interrruptions) and I make more offers to more people, I feel like I can only do so much artwork–I cannot really “teach” what I do, so it’s just ME, so I feel like there is just a ceiling on everything I do, but again, maybe I am not thinking “out of the box” again.

4) I also paint on canvas. I have not done very much with this side of my artsy life, and again, questions! If it is art, what am I offering? It is so specific–either you love my art or you don’t. It’s so personal. SO what can I offer a potential client other than a discount (which does not seem great to me) when it’s artwork?

SO many more questions, but can we start with that? Thanks so much. M