What makes an offer an offer?

I’m in the Entrepreneurship Study Vault and have completed the Double Your Income module. Brooke said an offer is only an offer if someone says to me directly YES or NO. Pretty black and white definition. I believe she even said in the module that if people don’t reply Yes or No to an invitation to work with me for X amount of dollars, then it doesn’t count as an offer.

I listened to a phenomenal Business Coaching Call with Jody on March 11th. She coached someone about there being different approaches within TLCS to what constitutes an offer. In the call she told someone they were making tons of offers on social media even though people weren’t individually telling the coachee yes or no. The person receiving coaching had discounted her social media efforts (until conversing with Jody) b/c she wasn’t receiving direct “Nos” from people who didn’t respond to her video offer.

I’m making tons of invitations to individuals on LinkedIn to help them by hopping on a ZOOM call. I’ve received way more non-responses than direct yes’s and no’s. I want to count all these as offers b/c when I do I think, “Yes! Look at how many people we’re reaching out to! I’m so proud of me.” Then I feel motivated and I keep going. If I followed the definition in the Double Your Income module I think, “None of these count as offers b/c people aren’t reaching back out to me. So all of these 70+ individuals don’t matter.” Then I feel discouraged.

Will you please shed some light on this topic?