What more Can I Do?

Umm whoops that last part wasn’t to be submitted yet. Here is my question. I am pumping out free content, every week I do FB Live same day and time, send weekly newsletters, have a free group where I interact, write blog posts, and just recorded and getting ready to launch Podcast. I am so busy creating free content and yet get very little engagement. I am running FB ads to my landing page to collect and grow my email list, and still have a rather small list. I am getting ready to launch a 4 week digital course (weight loss) with membership afterwards, I will do 4 webinars to capture interest and email for registration but I’m afraid that all this work and the little engagement I get, is going to lead to a very small number of customers. How can I get more engagement and increase my numbers for the amount of people that will purchase? I literally have very little time, I homeschool my kids on top of coaching private clients…and I’m working my butt off…It’s disheartening when I know how much my content will serve my people but not a lot of people are seeing it. Oh and there is a money issue. I know money in FB ads is well spent, is there a formula for how much to invest and what percentage will likely become customers? I would invest a ton if I knew it would bring a return..but I fight my husband about investing in my biz…which is okay I am willing to do if I know it will bring a nice return. I guess the bottom line question is where should I invest my time and money to get more paying customers? Thank you!!