What my niche should be

I started as a general life coach and when I went through a dry spell of clients I niched down to a relationship coach. I then got a couple of clients but none of them in that niche. I have sat down and gone through each of my five clients and what they came to me for.

It is feeling like they can get out of bed with energy, letting go of expectations, setting boundaries, letting go of control, learning to be open and honest, becoming more internally referenced, letting go of self-imposed pressure, basically getting out of a negative stuck feeling and really figuring out who they are.

Iā€™m thinking if all five women basically came to me for the same thing perhaps I should create a niche based on what they are asking for. When I sit down and try to do this none of it sounds like a clear, simple niche that is easily marketable.

Would love some help around this, please.