What next? JJ

Hi! I did what you told me not to do.

My impossible goal for this year was to pay off my student loan of 18,000. I told you that I was so well on my way to achieving this goal that I wanted to work on my macro counting weight loss business and get it started. You told me to not let my brain derail from my original goal. Wellll, prior to writing into ask Brooke about it, I had already reached out to a personal trainer friend and told him that if he had any clients looking for nutrition help, to send them my way for a free couple weeks of coaching. My thought was to do what you suggest and offer them something of value for free. Of the 6 people that he sent me, I had 2 people sign up for 3 months of coaching and they are paying me! Both are having great success and have lost 10 pounds in the past 5 weeks. (I’m not life coaching, btw, just offering the knowledge I”ve gained from my time in scholars in conjunction with my knowledge of macro counting and fat adaptation)

My question is this: do I need to be working on my website next or on just coaching these two women?

I’ve been sending 2 weekly emails with what I consider to be useful content. I incorporate what I’m learning from TLCS and will combine more coaching once I attend your coaching school next year. I have my website, Mind Over Macros. I want to work with people who want to try macro counting for weightloss and those that want to transition from macro counting to intuitive eating. Both offerings will involve thought work and the use of your model. I use all the information from your weight loss seminar to set macros up for fat adaptation. I’ve been incorporating that for my own since January and have also lost 8 pounds since tweaking things. 🙂

Also, my original impossible goal is still going strong. I’m down to 6 grand left and have it mapped out to be paid off by August 🙂

Give me all the goals please 😉