What to choose !

I am going through the Entrepreneur program and planning my 10 year goal and have a question or twenty!!!
I have an established business of 10 years teaching car and marine interior upholstery. This was a partnership and I am earning the partner out of their share. It’s providing me with a sustainable lifestyle. I thought I lost my love for what I was doing as I felt constrained by the partnership.
Earning out my partner gives me hope for its future but I wonder if my passion will come back. I have looked outside of the box and felt I could return to coaching. I used to be a business growth coach but had a life changing experience and I walked away to avoid the feelings associated with the events.
I also purchased equipment that I could use to provide a brand new eco based product and have been dabbling with small production runs.
So when I look at the 10 year plan I end up saying to my self: can I have it all?
Could I grow the business I have and sell it ? Could I return to coaching while I am regenerating the old business as it would fund me while I invest in my learning? But would that then mean I’m not committing properly?