What to do if no one wants to be coached live on a group call?

I’ve done group coaching before and I’m about to launch another group. I love group coaching, but what I’ve found in the past is that the biggest value is watching others get coached. It’s almost more valuable sometimes than getting coached. But sometimes I don’t get any volunteers. Also, many people in the program don’t come on live but they listen to the replay. I’m not sure what to do when no one submits for being coached. I’ve encouraged people but they feel shy, or can’t think of any issue. From having been in Scholars more than one year, I notice that some of Brooke’s replay coaching calls are from the previous year. For example, the June 2019 coaching replay calls are from June 2018. Is that because someone forgot to swap them out, or there wasn’t enough people to be coached in June 2019, or she didn’t have time that month to do the live calls? I’m just wondering how to handle things on my end.