What To Do When Someone Uses Your Content?

So I have been introducing myself as helping people “create amazing online courses” in Clubhouse rooms. Another gal also helps people with courses and tonight I heard her (in the same room as me) say I help people “create amazing online courses”…. and it really irritated me that she was using my tag line. It could also be confusing to the people listening.

So here’s part of my model:

C: Another person used the same tag line/wording as me.
T: Why is she copying me? Do your own thing!
F: Annoyed
A: ?
R: (want it to be) to have her stop using my intro phrase

So any suggestions on what to do with this model?

My current possible action is to see if she does it again and then ask her to stop, and mention that I intentionally don’t use her “curriculum design” phrasing. I’m sure it’s accidental on her part and just popped out, so maybe we can be careful about not using the other person’s language.

I’m not sure what to do with that heavy feeling of annoyance and irritation. Thanks for any advice.